Lucifer’s Morning After

UPDATE: Lucifer Lou had his first day of being grounded to his leash while taking our morning walk.

We made it to the far end of the beach where we usually let the dogs run, Sami happily took off bounding around. Lou took four steps and realized he was still attached. In true Lou form, his response was to wag his tail, tangle us up in the leash, while bouncing joyously and shouting, “I regret NOTHING!!!!”

Sami was able to get some exercise while chasing birds up and down the beach. She managed to come back immediately when called . . . Lou called her a “show-off.”

Yep, life with a dog!

"I regret NOTHING!!"
“I regret NOTHING!!”

Conversations with Sami

As long-time pet owners, we often have conversations with and for our pets. Sami has a wicked sense of humor and often has some great one-liners.

Here is an excerpt of a conversation with her Dad while we having coffee the other morning.

SAMI: Daddy, are there boulangeries in the US?

ALAN: No, Sami, there are no boulangeries in the US, they have Starbucks.

SAMI: Cool, can dogs go there?

ALAN: No, Sami, dogs are not allowed into the Starbucks.

SAMI: Well I don’t know why not. It can’t be because they’re afraid of dogs, they’re all heavily armed.

Just life on a daily basis with our MinPin!

Taking the Cat Out

On our morning walk today we saw our neighbor from across the street with her beautiful brindle boxer/pit bull mix.

Sami and Lou are very fond of the brindle and we have had many encounters with him as he often slips his collar and heads to the beach. He is a big friendly baby and is very gentle with our harridan and her minion. Minion Lou loves this big guy who will run along the beach with us whenever he spots our foursome on a morning walk.

Today when we came across him and his mom (who we see less often than her dog), the family cat was tagging along on their morning walk. Minot, the cat, comes when she is called, walks alongside her mom and big brother, and gives other dogs the stink eye as only a cat can do.

Bona Feta is not a cheese . . .

During the holidays, Alan and I received a few of the expected “Bonne Fête” and couple “Bona Festa” (which sounds like “feta”) from other year-round locals like ourselves.

It was a little confusing the first time, but we quickly caught on that the elderly gentlemen who offered us a Bona Festa were speaking Catalan rather than French.

It’s a fun, daily challenge to figure out how to return a greeting . . . English, French, or Catalan!

However you pronounce it . . . Happy Holidays!