Lucifer’s Morning After

UPDATE: Lucifer Lou had his first day of being grounded to his leash while taking our morning walk.

We made it to the far end of the beach where we usually let the dogs run, Sami happily took off bounding around. Lou took four steps and realized he was still attached. In true Lou form, his response was to wag his tail, tangle us up in the leash, while bouncing joyously and shouting, “I regret NOTHING!!!!”

Sami was able to get some exercise while chasing birds up and down the beach. She managed to come back immediately when called . . . Lou called her a “show-off.”

Yep, life with a dog!

"I regret NOTHING!!"
“I regret NOTHING!!”

2 thoughts on “Lucifer’s Morning After

    1. With Lou we feel that the stories will never end! I worry that he will think his full name is “You blew it Lou!” Our neighbors probably think his name is “Don’t eat that!” since that’s all they ever hear when he’s outside! Apparently, he’s passed through the “honeymoon” phase of his adoption and his true nature is revealing itself. I can’t wait for him to get a little older, a little wiser, and dear God, a little slower!

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