Yummy Goodness

As part of our move to the new apartment, we needed to find a new boulangerie/patisserie for our morning  coffee and croissant. Our community is small, under 10,000 and in the off-season even smaller as we estimate 60% of the residents only live here part time. Due to its small size, most of the businesses here are not open year-round.

Our former boulangerie/patisserie was proof seeing that we enjoyed our morning coffee with public service workers, tourists, locals, police, etc. We miss our former place which in addition to being close to our former apartment also had THE BEST coffee in town! We’ve been back a few times happily making the 4 kilometer round trip just for the flaky pain du chocolat and creamy cafe creme. But we really needed to find something a bit closer that is open year-round.

Our normal walks took us north to the dog beach but we started walking south towards the harbor’s breakwater in the morning since this time of year the beaches are all open to dogs (from mid-June to mid-September they are banned) and found a new boulangerie/patisserie.

The cafe creme isn’t as good as our old place but the cups are twice the size and the pain du chocolat are more Spanish style than the flakier French style, but the chef also makes beignets up fresh every morning. Our current favorite is the smaller, bite-sized ones that are crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, have a hint of lemon and a sprinkling of sugar. Melt in your mouth yumminess.

Oh, and covered outdoor seating . . . which we appreciate greatly as it’s been raining lately!!



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