A Year of Sunrises: January 2016

A few years ago my daughter-in-law, Nicole, did a 365 project. I had never heard the term before, but loved her daily photos. This last December we decided that a 365 project was in order. Since we walk the dogs every morning on the beach, time allowing, we thought that having a similar view every morning would make for an interesting slideshow at the end of the year. Whenever possible, we attempt the same shot — though there will be days when we have catch the bus before sunrise when headed to Perpignan. (We’ll need to figure out something fun for those days!) The landmass near the center of the shot is Collioure which is 5 km from Argeles-sur-Mer. There is a lighthouse at the far left side of Collioure that we see on our evening walks.

We have really looked forward to taking these photos in the morning. The sunrise changes so much from day to day. These are all taken at random times as our mornings are not too structured here, we head out when the dogs are awake and ready to go and it’s light enough to see where we’re walking.

Nearly every morning we have a beautiful view, but even the cloudy days here are pretty spectacular. See for yourself. Here are the results for January!

[Clicking on an image should open up a larger view of that shot.]

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