My Old Stomping Grounds

Just noticed this old post from a year ago, apparently it went unpublished all this time!

While in the States for Dallas’ graduation last year I was able to spend a week in our “old stomping grounds,” Reno, Nevada to visit friends and family.

My Norwegian Air flight arrived into Oakland where my son, Dirk, and his fiancee, Trey, met me at the airport. I hadn’t been back to the States for three years and it was so nice to actually hug these two when I got through customs. They were kind enough to indulge my craving for Taco Bell, one of the few things I actually miss about living in France.

Once my junk food habit had been appeased, they drove me to their house in Sacramento so I could have a look at their new place, then on to my Mom’s house in Reno. We arrived at 1 a.m. Mom was asleep on the couch and once the boys dropped me off, they headed for their hotel and bed. Mom and I stayed up until past 2 a.m. catching up.

Mom’s newest baby, Cali, a miniature schnauzer has an amazing skill. She can tell when it’s 5:30 a.m. I know this because regardless of how late I went to bed or that there was a small jet-lag issue, Cali would wake me each morning at 5:30 a.m. by jumping up on the bed and sitting on my face. A lovable baby girl, but what a shame that her internal clock didn’t know what 6:30 a.m. was instead!

My week-long visit in Reno was a non-stop adventure. With so much family and so little time to see everyone I was in a happy whirlwind of visits for the better part of each day. Among the family visited were Mom (of course), my sister’s Terry, Tammy and Trina, their spouses, Jeff, Jackie and Glenn. Nieces Emma, Etta, Brynn, and Lyssa. Nephews Braeden, Brycen, Logan, Adam and Aaron. Great niece and nephews as well: Selah, Kia and Christopher. Plus visits with children: Casey and Megan, Dirk and Trey. And, most importantly, grand-daughters Izzy and Alice. My aunt, Deb, drove up from the Gilroy area of California to spend some time, we hadn’t seen each other since 2014 and our adventures through France and Spain with the husbands and hiking the Camino de Santiago. I also got in a visit to my friend of nearly 20 years, Tammy Johnson, who was actually planning to visit us in France the following month. I even had a visit with my cousin, Jo, and Uncle Sam, plus Sam and I got together one morning for breakfast as well.

At the end of the week and joined by another dear friend, Echo Lynch, I headed off for a 20 hour drive toward Colorado Springs. On the way we stopped overnight in Salt Lake City to have a chance to meet up with daughter Danielle and her husband Joe, as well as grand-daughters Lorelei, Lillian and the brand newest, Lydia. What a lovely family, these girls are adorable!

After a week in Colorado Springs, Echo and I deadheaded the trip back to Reno. We left at 5 a.m. and arrived in Reno by 11 p.m. when we stopped at Echo’s place in Reno. Her husband Dan, one of the nicest and most clever husbands ever, had two glasses of wine awaiting our arrival. What a gem he is!

I drove myself back to Mom’s for the night and after spending one final day visiting, headed out to Las Vegas for my return flight to Barcelona. While in Vegas I had the chance to see the last of the grand-kids, Carter and Avery. What a great time we had together, and with their parents too. My son, Tyler, and his wife, Nicole, could not have made me feel more welcome.

I was also given a wonderful gift. Nicole sells Jamberry and Danielle put together some of the drawings done by Izzy, Lorelei, Avery and Carter into a special pack of Jamberry nail wraps. Nicole used her and Tyler’s phones to Face-Time with Megan and Izzy plus Danielle and Lorelei so that we were all together when I opened my awesome gift. Nicole even taught me how to use the nail wraps and supplied me with some additional themed and colored wraps so my nails have looked great since my return to France.

Note to Nicole: Your Jamberry nail wraps are a great hit here, I receive lots of compliments. I hear “Magnifique” and “Tres Magnifique” quite often . . . and not just from the ladies! Thank you for getting me all set up, I really love them!

There is nothing in the world quite like spending time with family, especially when you have family that you love as much as I love mine. The only thing that would have made this trip perfect was a side trip to Oregon to visit Adam, Liz and grand-pup Romulus.

Thanks to my  wonderful family for making time to see me while I was there, I know you all have busy schedules it’s just amazing that we could put together a mini-reunion during my visit. Miss you guys . . . come visit!! Or if life is too busy, send the grand-babies and have yourselves a stay-cation sans kids!

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