Wearable Art

While I was in the U.S. for my daughter Dallas’ graduation I took the time to visit with as much family as I could. My last stop was in Las Vegas where my son Tyler, his beautiful bride Nicole, and their two children (grandson Carter and granddaughter Avery) live.

Nicole is a Jamberry consultant. Jamberry, for those who don’t know, is a nail wrap system that allows for some fun and funky nail designs. The wraps are simple to use and a manicure can be done easily at home with a nail file and a blow dryer.

One of the really unique options  Jamberry offers is their nail design studio where you can design your own wraps. Once approved, they can be ordered online and mailed to your home.

While in Las Vegas, Nicole said “I have a surprise for you.” She then used her and Tyler’s phones to do a video call with daughters Danielle and Megan. I thought that was the surprise, but no. Each of the girls had asked the grandkids to color pictures for me. They then photographed the results and uploaded the photos to Jamberry’s Nail Art Studio and created a set of nail wraps of the grandkids’ art as a gift for me. I love that we were all able to share the moment through Nicole’s creative use of video chat . . . clever girl!

Nicole also set me up with a selection of additional wraps in coordinating colors so that I have many options available to mix and match my new nail wraps. I’ve taken to using one of  the grandkids’ designs with each manicure/wrap change and I truly love having unique and original designs to wear as nail art.

It was a truly unique gift and I enjoy all the compliments I get on my nails!


If you haven’t heard about Jamberry, would like to browse their online catalog or would like to create a special gift like mine, see Nicole’s Jamberry consultant page or her Jammin’ with Tink Facebook page for more information.

One thought on “Wearable Art

  1. Super cool! I’m always on the lookout for fun nail ideas and I have to say, since moving to France I’m out of the loop about things like Jamberry. The whole French nail scene pales in comparison to the US one. I’ve used nail wraps before (never with a blowdryer though) and they never seem to last more than a few days without peeling up at the edges. Maybe the heat from the dryer seals them better? They look great!

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