Carcassonne: Gendarmerie Motorcycle Rally

We attended the “Rallye Motocycliste Organis Par la Gendarmerie de l’Aude,” the Second Annual Motorcyclist Rally Sponsored by the Gendarmerie of Aude.

The free event in Square Gambetta included fast paced precision drills by motorcycle officers from the Republican Guard unit (presidential escort unit) of Gendarmerie Nationale of France and the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince of Monaco (royal family escort unit), amazing motorcycle stunts by the Republican Guard, music from a French Naval pipes and drums band, and a dramatic helicopter hoist delivery of a gendarme and his canine followed by a canine demonstration.  There were also driving safety exhibits, vendor displays, and recruiting by the Gendarmerie Nationale.

In addition to the local dignitaries, Prince Pierre of Monaco attended the event to observe his royal motorcycle escorts perform with the Gendarmerie Nationale Republican Guard.

Tracy and I both had to shake our heads at the French Naval pipe and drum band playing “Scotland the Brave” and the Disney symphony type music to entertain the crowd before the rally began, but especially at the segment when cowboy hat wearing country line dancers joined in and danced to the bagpipes and drums!

Monégasque Carabiniers on white bike and French Gendarmerie on blue bike
Monégasque Carabiniers on white bike and French Gendarmerie on blue bike
Gendarmerie Nationale Republican Guard Stunt Team
Gendarmerie Nationale Republican Guard Stunt Team

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3 thoughts on “Carcassonne: Gendarmerie Motorcycle Rally

  1. Dear Tracy and Alan

    I have read all of your posts, and really liked the one about KiKi in the park chasing the birds.I am so happy that she is back to her old self now. I have been a bit busy, and now getting ready to go to Debbie’s for Travis’ graduation. Tammy and I are leaving on Friday morning . I took it off as Monday is Memorial Day and gives me 4 days off. Trina and Lyssa are going down on Saturday morning. Brycen has to work so he will not be going. I sure do miss you guys, I know I didn’t call or come over a lot but you were there if I needed you and now if I need you your not. Hope you are both having a great retirement. Well I will talk to you soon.

    Love Mom

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Hope you guys had a great time at Travis’ graduation. So proud of him and Adam (who also graduated last Saturday from UNR)!!

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