Alan’s Retirement: 200 Days and Counting

Next week is Tracy’s final week at work prior to her retirement on June 29.  She is excited to start her retirement working full-time on our final visa paperwork and preparing all the logistics for our move to Florence.  She is the ultimate “Queen of Organization.”

I’m envious she is retiring first, but looking forward to be teaching one last semester at Truckee Meadows Community College while still helping Tracy with the moving process between classes.  I have a few days less than 200 to go until I “pull the pin” and join her in retirement.

Between careers in law enforcement and college teaching I have about 32 years in public service prior to retirement with five years working in the private sector before that.  I feel privileged to have had two challenging and rewarding careers serving my community and, with minimizing and simplifying our lifestyle, being able to retire young enough to fully embrace our expat adventure.

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2 thoughts on “Alan’s Retirement: 200 Days and Counting

  1. I was just telling a couple friends about your site and how you and I go back Alan! And then the pics from the ol’ days!

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