Design Time

Being retired, I don’t get much call to put graphic design skills to use much. I do occasionally miss spending my days being creative, creating something beautiful from photos and text. Working as a graphic designer was the perfect job for me. It allowed my creative side full reign over my professional career.

So when our son, Casey, asked me to design business cards for a new venture I was thrilled. There is something about designing a logo or business card that appeals to both my right brain and left brain, combining logic and creativity seems to have the most calming effect on me.

This new business venture is one that allows for some very beautiful photo opportunities since the product itself is vibrantly colored. Casey and a college friend have put their chemical engineering skills to use and are now creating beautiful bismuth crystals. Our daughter-in-law, Megan, also has a hand in this new venture as the three of them also create jewelry from these hand-grown crystals.

The guys named their new venture, Brewton Brothers Bismuth Business, and between the name and the product my creative brain immediately started visualizing options for a logo.

Yes, he only asked for business cards, but I’ve always been a bit of an overachiever, so I came up with an identity rather than just business cards. So within a few hours there were proofs for the logo (with a variety of color options), six different ideas for business cards, and some ideas for Casey for other ways he might market the business.

Once they selected their choices, I readied the final proofs and created EPS, JPEG, PDF versions of everything. Then through in a few Facebook covers as well since they had sent me such great photos and had several more on their FB page. See . . . overachiever.

I’m secretly hoping they ask for additional help with other marketing materials, it’s fun to dip my toes back into those waters.

Check out their Facebook page or Etsy page to see their merchandise. Folks in the Reno, Nevada area can find their products in some local businesses such as Hippies in Sparks. They can also do custom work which can be arranged via email to

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