A Beautiful Valentine’s

My granddaughter Lillian had her first Valentine’s Day at school this week. As many of you know, Lillian has some very creative parents who strive to make each day imaginative and fun for this uber-special kid and her adorable big sister, Lorelei.

Because Lillian isn’t able to assemble her own cards, her Mommy — our daughter Danielle — made up the Valentine’s Day cards for her friends in class.

Being the Mom of a special needs kid comes with some unique challenges and time constraints. I love that my daughter is always able to find the time to do something as unique and special as the child she’s raising.

Lillian LOVES glow sticks. The kind that can be made into necklaces and bracelets are especially nice. This year Danielle shared Lillian’s love of glow sticks with special Valentine’s Day cards that read: “You Light Up My Life!”

Lillian has a classmate who is blind. But Danielle wasn’t about to leave this child out of the special joy of receiving a hand-made Valentine’s card, so she did one of the cards in Braille.

A little research on the Internet, the creative use of a ball-point pen as a stylus and voila, one hand-made Valentine’s card in Braille!

I cannot express enough how much I love this daughter of mine. She amazes me with the depth of creativity she employs to make sure her daughter’s childhoods are fun, loving, and special.

Kudos baby girl, you ROCK!


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