Renaming the Dog

We’ve decided to rename the dog from Lou to Lucifer. Our evil genius gave us quite a run this morning. Quite unintended on our part.

He turned off his hearing. Headed up the beach, always keeping us in sight but not willing to come close enough to be caught, even for a treat.

Three kilometers later, he had stopped to smell something of interest, when Alan managed to put the grabs on him.

We normally enjoy our mornings on the beach, two hours or more roaming on the shoreline, letting the dogs off-leash for some fun. Today was not that kind of day. Lou has lost ALL of his off-leash privileges.

Sami, however, remains the diva princess that she is. She came back when called and assisted in rounding up her wayward minion. Though in the process she nearly impaled herself on a piece of driftwood, poor baby. She’ll be a little sore tomorrow, but no worse for her escapades.

I’d love to add a photo of today’s adventure, however we were both to busy trying to catch the stupid dog to think about stopping for a photo.

2 thoughts on “Renaming the Dog

  1. If that was his goal, he hit a home run! We averaged 15 to 20 km a day while hiking the Camino de Santiago across Spain, our daily average here in Argeles for January has been 11.5 km, today’s total is 19.3 km/11.99 miles. Thanks Lucifer Lou!

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