Death from Above

Those aren’t birds Daddy, they’re pterodactyls!

Each morning when we walk Sami and Lou, she pauses under the trees as we near the beach. There are whole families of birds (pigeons, sparrows, and seagulls) that live in the trees along the edge of the beach. She believes that they are pterodactyls hunting their morning meal.

Trees where the "pterodactyls" live
Trees where the “pterodactyls” live


The look of fear she gets near flappy things, especially the “pterodactyls”

I cannot even imagine what the locals think when they see this morning ritual. Sami sitting down and refusing to walk under the trees. Lou — oblivious to the terror above — prancing around Sami like a circus clown. Alan saying, “OMG! Pterodactyls” in his best Sami voice. All while I laugh at the comedy routine playing out before me.

Featured image from Wikimedia Commons — "Pterodactylus holotype fly mmartyniuk" by Matthew P. Martyniuk

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