Carcassonne: Thanksgiving 2013

DELAYED POST, I am catching up our blog after our blogging hiatus while recovering from walking the Camino de Santiago.

November 28, 2013

Tracy and I enjoying our first Thanksgiving abroad.  We celebrated the traditional American (and Canadian) holiday to keep our old family traditions alive while adopting new local traditions.

While our apartment does have an oven, it is a trifle on the small size.  So I located a large turkey breast, more than enough for the two of us (plus leftovers for cold turkey sandwiches and turkey omelets.)  Tracy had the experience of, after years of cooking extra-large turkeys, and sometimes more than one, for family gathering figuring out the correct timing for a single turkey breast.  Finally the challenge of converting  the fahrenheit temperatures to the oven’s celsius settings.

Tracy dominated our little French oven for some amazing turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, deviled eggs, garlic bread, with a local rosé wine. It was a classic, wonderful dinner followed by Religieuse creme puff pastries from our favorite pâtisserie.  Sami, the min-pin puppy, had her first “people food” with a Thanksgiving dinner all her own.

Wonderful quiet evening at home despite missing our large extended family back in the US, whom we visited with via FaceTime later in the evening.

Thanksgiving dinner 2013
Thanksgiving dinner 2013

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