Carcassonne: Children’s Carnival

DELAYED POST, I am catching up our blog after our blogging hiatus while recovering from walking the Camino de Santiago.

November 24, 2013

Children’s’ Carnival

Just before Thanksgiving, Carcassonne offered a week-long Children’s Carnival at the west side of the Bastide, the traditional “old town.”

The carnival just “popped up” out of the blue.  Carcassonne seems to be very much be like Reno, Nevada with special events nearly every weekend.  We used the fun to expose Sami, the mini-pin puppy, to the excitement and noise.  We keep working on socializing her well with people and background noise.  We had fun sipping vin chaud (hot spiced wine) and watching happy children.

Tracy and Sami at the Children's Carnival
Tracy and Sami at the Children’s Carnival

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