Training: Camino de Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage

With about three weeks to go until we leave for Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, Tracy and I are stepping up our training for the Camino de Santiago.

We have been adding weight to our backpacks and extending our daily training walk.  Our maximum had been 20 and 30 pounds respectively for a 7.5 mile walk.  We have also been taking Kiara the Chihuahua in her carrier to get both us and her used to the process.  (Kiara is now bored with the concept and usually just relaxes and watches the view from the window of her carrier or dozes.)

Tracy training for the Camino de Santiago
Tracy training for the Camino de Santiago
Alan training for the Camino de Santiago
Alan training for the Camino de Santiago

We intend to publish an equipment list soon, but we are still “tweaking” our lists.  The biggest advice we read from pilgrims that have already completed the Camino is to minimize – minimize – minimize the weight.  500 miles is way too long a distance to carry miscellaneous items and extra weight  “just in case.”  We will probably keep working on minimizing our equipment until the day we leave.  We are currently considering the projected temperatures for the end of August and September and thinking if we need a jacket the first of October it might be better to buy one rather than carry one for 475 miles before we actually wear one.  Of course, weather is unpredictable so we will just have to (to borrow a quote from Hunter S. Thompson), “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”  The training and equipment is all part of the challenge of walking the Camino de Santiago.

We’re getting anxious to start and are sure our departure date will be here before we know it.

3 thoughts on “Training: Camino de Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage

  1. Just found you via Mike Volger’s blog. If you don’t already know about it, you should check out Monte is a 3.5 pound long haired chihuahua. He just returned from a trip to Greece, sailing the Mediterranean and to Bulgaria. For how long to you expect to be walking/hiking El Camino? I look forward to following along.

  2. The pic of Kiara in the carrier is adorable!!! I’m soooo fascinated, intrigued and excited for you with this upcoming endeavor! 🙂

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