Kiara’s Nemisis

Kiara has had a very busy day today.

We were on our way to lunch at Al Dente, and decided that Kiara would love to get out of the house (in her red and black sweater with the white skull and crossbones on the back) and enjoy a sunny but breezy day.

On our way to the restaurant we let her run through the grassy area at Square Gambetta. She was enjoying running through the clover at the far end of the square — Kiara loves clover. She always does this petite little bow and rubs her whole face in the clover.

She’s been dealing with allergies and has been eating baby food for the last couple of weeks, but we still can’t keep her from rubbing her face in the clover.

Today for the first time ever, she noticed another animal was in the park with her . . . a pigeon. Kiara doesn’t believe that she is a dog and has never shown any interest in another single species of the animal kingdom that didn’t walk upright and speak. But today she noticed the pigeon, and for the very first time in her whole life, she chased a pigeon.

In less than two seconds, she went from being the tiniest thing in the entire square to being one badass dog. Not only was her entire attitude different, but she got really brave and braced two more pigeons. Alan and I were laughing out loud, watching our adorable little girl who is nervous around her own food dish, now chasing a bird.

Then she spotted the rest of the flock at the square, about 12 of them . . . and yep, she ran right over and chased them too. Only three of them took flight, but she didn’t even notice that the rest of them just looked at her and went back to eating. She came running back over so that Mom and Dad could say “Good Girl!”

Yup, two whole pounds of badass chihuahua in a red sweater with a skull on the back!

Then we took her to her favorite park after lunch. She was running in huge wide circles around Alan and I as we walked through the manicured landscape of her favorite park. There is lots of clover there as well so a few stops had to be made to rub her face in the clover.

Then she fell into her regular routine, running in big circles, stop to smell a flower, run in a big circle, catch up to Dad, run in a circle, wait for Mom, run in a big circle, stop to smell a flower.

She has a thing about flowers, she likes to smell the flowers and sticks her little nose right on top of them. Especially dandelion flowers, which we think might be causing a bit of allergy symptoms for her, but she will stop to stick her tiny nose into the flowers anyway. Today we are a bit more certain that this bright yellow flower is the culprit. She threw up tiny yellow petals all over my sleeve after she ate one of the stupid things.

Kiara, our two-pound, badass, pigeon chasing dog . . . taken down . . . by a flower. The look on her tiny, expressive face told it all . . . “Flowers committed biological warfare Mommy, not my fault!”

Kiara's nemisis: wanted for suspicion of biological warfare on a two-pound chihuahua
Kiara’s nemisis: wanted for suspicion of biological warfare

4 thoughts on “Kiara’s Nemisis

  1. This was a great story about Kiara, Tracy! That is soooo totally adorable. I love the totally bad-ass picture in my mind with her red and black sweater with the white skull and crossbones on the back!!! Loved it! 🙂

    1. I just wish we could have captured her strutting after chasing those pigeons on video, it was too funny!

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