Flavor Hell

A few weeks ago I posted an article titled “Funny French Foods” where I had found some cute and/or funny foods in the grocery store. Today’s article is dedicated solely to potato chips. Some of you who know me well will know that I love potato chips and believe that chip/sandwich pairing is a real art. I cannot even enjoy a sandwich unless there are potato chips on the plate, and of course, I have my own favorite combinations: tuna sandwich with crunchy cheetos, roast beef and provolone sandwich with sour cream and onion potato chips, etc.

Image the horror of walking into the “Walmart of France” Geant Casino and finding the following assortment of chip flavors.

cream-blackpepper and light

Cream and Black Pepper (the ones on the right are Light chips)


Collection of Tapas Olives – I like olives, but in a potato chip?


Mustard and Pickle [raised eyebrows] hmmmm

roast chicken and thyme

Roasted Chicken with Thyme (not quite chicken ‘n waffles)

sea salt from the Camargue

Sea salt from the Camargue (located south of Arles, France between the Mediterranean Sea and the two arms of the Rhone River Delta – I looked it up on Wikipedia)


The Herbs of Provence — we keep seeing this everywhere, but haven’t yet figured out just exactly what the herbs are — my guess, lavender.

truffle and wasabi

For the refined palate — truffle and wasabi


Paprika — in a potato chip, this is just wrong, wrong, wrong


For your dining pleasure — BBQ Rib flavored potatoes — mmm, mmm good


These basically translate as Old Chips with grilled summer flavor — probably not making it into the shopping cart


Chorizo flavored chips — ack!


Then of course, more chicken, this time Marinated Chicken flavored chips — I am beginning to notice the French love chicken flavored things, not sure why


Bacon — potato chips even the dog will love!


According to Google Translate this is a bag of “Chewable Blondes” with sour cream and herb flavors. I had to translate it twice because I was having trouble believing the first translation.

There are other types of chips and Alan even found my “comfort food” chips when I was ill during our second week here. But these really are the ones filling up the shelves and not just the oddity that we find on occasion. I must say that I do miss my Nacho Cheese Doritos, they were my “go to” chip whenever Alan made sandwiches!

We have a joke between us, Alan makes a sandwich and we get two slices of bread, a slice of cheese, a slice of meat and if he’s feeling like a chef, a slice of lettuce.

I make a sandwich and we get two slices of 12 grain bread with hummus, feta cheese, slices of sun-dried tomato flavored turkey, shredded romaine, clover sprouts, mini sweet pepper slices and chips that are perfectly chosen to enhance the flavor of the sandwich.

I miss my chips, but there may be some adventurous flavors awaiting me . . . however, I will not lower myself to the Paprika flavored chips, never, never.

4 thoughts on “Flavor Hell

  1. LOL I can just hear it, “regarder drôle femme américaine de prendre des photos, les touristes pfft!” … note: blame google translate if wrong.

    1. So true Dan, so very true! Haven’t gotten up the nerve to try them yet, but with access to potatoes and allrecipes.com I may just try making my own!!

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