End of Week One

Now that we’ve completed week one here are a few things we’ve learned so far.

1) If you set off the smoke detector three times, the hot water stops working.

2) If you stand still in Gambetta Square the pigeons will come after you like a scene from Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”

3) If you walk a 2-pound Chihuahua all stereotypical attitudes of French people no longer apply.

4) Not every gathering with flags and drums is a parade. Sometimes, it’s a strike with color and music and people dancing in the street.

Here are a few fun photos from week one.

Carcassonne Pizza Kiosk
Carcassonne Pizza Kiosk

Just around the corner and down a block is the Pizza Kiosk. Don’t all French neighborhoods have a Pizza Kiosk? No. Well we think they should!

A French staple?
A French staple?

No grocery store we’ve visited has had French Dressing, but they all have American Sauce.

Local butcher uses "scent advertising."
Local butcher uses “scent advertising.”

Business is slow around here on Sundays. Our neighborhood butcher has found an ingenious way to get the message out that he is open for a few hours on Sunday. The smell of rotisserie chicken and duck can be smelled the moment you open the front door. But we need to be sure to get there early, by 11 a.m. they are all gone!!

Oops, not naked dancing girls!!
Oops, not naked dancing girls!!

One must take a second look and READ the signage before guessing what a business actually is. At first glance we thought this might be a topless bar, upon closer inspection we found that it was a beauty school.

16 thoughts on “End of Week One

  1. Hi guys… I have a question…. Why did I see a couple of these on Facebook that I did not get in my email??? I would like all sent to email if possible cause I send them on to Jan, Lela, Ineva,and my French friend who are all enjoying them. I don’t now how to send it from Facebook news feed to my email…. Thanks…

    Ineva had her 2nd chemo on Tues and last time she felt really bad on Thurs and Fri, so she is in for a rough couple of days. Charlene graduates from Nurse Practioner school on Fri, Ann and Amelia are there to celebrate with her.

    Have fun…. Love the posts…. Pat

    Sent from my iPad

    1. Pat. Some of the photos are duplicated because Alan uploads some separately from the blog posts. Addionally, the blog automatically updates on Facebook because we have a FB page for the blog. Not all of our photos make it into our blog posts, sorry!!

  2. I couldn’t make out the ingredients of the “American Sauce”. The picture indicates tomatoes and onions but the color indicates mustard. It looks contrary. Are French fries called French fries in France? You have so much to discover!

    1. Oddly enough they don’t call them French fries. They are called frites and they are served with mustard rather than ketchup! The American sauce looks a lot like the fry sauce at Sonic Burger!

  3. Love it! Love and look forward to your posts! Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us!

    1. Tom, I love that!! In France the potato chip flavors are quite unique. Next time we go to the grocery store we’ll do a follow up to Funky French Foods with photos of the choices!!

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