Final 24

Hours that is.

We are under the 24 hour mark and have successfully moved out of the apartment and into the hotel. Props to the Quality Inn at Virginia and Plumb for being dog-friendly and having a wonderful outdoor space for Kiara to soak up some sun and nibble on cherry-blossoms (they must taste great!)

We have repacked our luggage  . . .  yet again, and successfully managed to fit everything into two checked bags and two carry-on bags (well one carry-on and Kiara for me!).

We have downloaded the Delta app and logged in for updates/changes to our flight itinerary, but decided to do the check-in in person since we have luggage and the dog to check-in tomorrow morning.

But we are READY, very ready, and the nice spring day is making it all the more difficult to deal with the anticipation. Just a few more hours Reno and then we’ll on our way to Carcassonne and a brand-new adventure!

This is our last State-side post friends, the next one will be live after we settle into our new place.

Au Revoir!

2 thoughts on “Final 24

  1. I can’t wait to follow your adventure all over Europe… you will have such fun. Where in France are you staying???

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