Christmas And Unexpected Delay

We had a fun Christmas at home, the last we expect to have in the US for quite a while.

For Christmas brunch we had ravioli, tortellini, wine, Christmas ale, gifts, and fun conversation with the kids that are still in Reno –  Sarah, Nick, Casey, Adam, and Adam’s fiancee’ Liz – made it a great day.  Kiki the micro-dog enjoyed all the special attention.  Through the day we also had “Merry Christmas”  telephone calls with Danielle, Tyler, Dirk, and Dallas, the “out-of-town” kids.  We have been enjoying the time with all the adult kids over the last few months and holidays, we know we are going to miss them all.  After brunch with the kids we visited with more family at Tracy’s mom’s house.  Nana, Tracy’s sisters Tammy and Trina, nieces, nephews, and even a great-niece.  Once Tracy and I made it back home she finally got her wish for a “white Christmas.”  Snow was finally falling in the valley and we had a romantic nighttime walk through the falling snow to finish Christmas night.

We just learned that we have an unexpected delay in our departure date moving it from January to late March.  We have to resolve a couple of paperwork issues with the consulate.  Rather that leaving the first week of January, we will be making a road trip to the consulate.  We are now processing yet more paperwork and re-scheduling flight tickets and apartment reservations.

Oh well, if there is not a few “bumps in the road” you don’t appreciate the final outcome.  We are a bit disappointed with the delay, but in the whole scheme of things an 11 week delay isn’t that big of an upset.

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