Eight Straight Wins

On Saturday, October 13, we attended the UNR vs UNLV football game with some of the kids – Dirk, Trey, Nick, Casey, Nicole, Tina (Nicole’s Mom), and grandchildren Carter and Avery. We had a fantastic time although most of us ended up with pink faces due to the great weather and Las Vegas sun! Avery and Carter enjoyed seeing “The Uncles” as the group of sons came to be called by everyone.

UNR didn’t handle the first half of the game very well and we were a bit worried that our last State Rivalry game would not end well. Thankfully our beloved Wolf Pack pulled it together in the second half and won the game! The two bands had a post-game play-off of their own when a spontaneous “Battle of the Bands” occurred as the two bands left the field. Grandchildren danced as UNR played the instrumental version of “Call Me Maybe.”

We celebrated with the family with drinks in the Stratosphere tower and dinner at the buffet with Tyler in attendance after a day of drill with his Marine Reserve unit.

Our stay at the Stratosphere was fun and the rooms were pleasant, the food was good, the company fun and the trip memorable.

A few of the kids couldn’t make it to the game and they were missed, but duty calls in all sorts of ways – Guard drill, Saturday classes, caring for tiny babies – and those who were not with us in person were with us in spirit. Some were even getting text updates on the game!

All in all, a great weekend, a good game and fantastic company for our last Rivalry game – who could ask for more?

The Uncles watch the Battle of the Bands
The Uncles watch the Battle of the Bands in a post-game show during UNRs Victory Dance.

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