Planning the annual Girls’ Trip for 2012

We are a family who loves to spend time together! Especially the women of my family. For years now we have tried to get together once a year to do some girl-bonding. No husbands, no children is the general rule. This year, the girls are gathering again . . . for a 4-day cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. Woohoo!

We will be visiting La Bufadora in Ensenada and doing a bit of shopping and sightseeing, and a few of us will try our best at not drowning during a kayaking trip off Catalina Island. Should be wonderful and packed full of memories.

We will be on the Riviera Deck near the front but not close enough to get seasick and have ocean view rooms that will be just lovely.

Our ship for this trip is Carnival’s Inspiration.

  • 2052 passenger capacity
  • 920 crew onboard
  • 855 feet in length

This is a first cruise for a couple of the girls, but most of us are seasoned sailors, yet as with every cruise we look forward to having a wonderful time — from food to comedy clubs to waterslides — we are sure to have an amazing trip in 112 days when we sail!

Woohoo! Cannot wait.

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