Visa Requirements: Check!

Successful day for us.

Tracy arranged an 18 month lease for an apartment on Via Laura in the downtown historic district of Florence from Apartments Florence.  The apartment is about 1/3 of a mile north of the Duomo, the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower), and a block away from Basilica della Santissima Annunziata (Basilica of the Most Holy Annunciation.)

Alan obtained travel insurance from World Nomads.

For a greater than 90 days visit, Italy required a full Schengen Visa.  Our requested visa is titled “Elective Residency” which requires proof of financial support, a place of residence, and medical insurance.  We now have two requirements out of three and statements requested and enroute from the Nevada Public Employment Retirement System (PERS) to demonstrate our financial independence with our pensions.  An Elective Residency visa does not allow our employment in Italy.  Which is fine with us since our goal is retirement not work.

Alan rubbing the snout of Il Porcellino, Florence.
Alan rubbing the snout of Il Porcellino (Italian “piglet”) the Florentine nickname for the bronze statue of a boar. Originally intended for the Boboli Garden, it is currently in the Mercato Nuovo in Florence. Visitors rub the boar’s snout to ensure a return trip to Florence, a tradition that has kept the snout in a state of polished sheen.

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